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Grant Application Forms

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Friends of Niger (FON) supports non-governmental organizations providing services that directly benefit the people of Niger. FON has small amounts of funds available to help fund projects. Grants have generally ranged between 250,000 CFA ($500) and 3,000,000 CFA ($5,000). More funds have been provided in cases when the proposed project had already secured matching funds, had an experienced administrative structure, and had broad support. The funds FON provides to projects come from private donations, membership dues, and occasional grants from other organizations.

Applications for funding are accepted any time. The Projects Committee reviews proposals and then submits them to the FON Board of Directors for approval. All applicants must complete and submit a proposal following the guidelines provided below.

FON Will Not Fund:

  • Political advocacy, litigation activities, political campaigns, or attempts to influence legislation in Niger
  • Visa or other immigration requests aimed at individuals.
  • Debt relief for any organization.
  • Projects that benefit only one individual or family.
  • Projects with a religious objective.

Funding Guidelines

Applications for FON funding must include all requested information. Applicants may use their own format or use the attached form.

The FON Projects Committee will work with applicants, if necessary, to ensure all relevant information is included.

Applications may be submitted in English or French. Provide all the requested information via email to:

FON Project Committee:

Or mail to:

Friends of Niger
Projects Committee
PO Box 452
Haverford  PA  19041  USA

All proposals will first be reviewed to insure that all the requested information has been included. An application may be returned if it is not complete.

Once it is determined that an application is complete, it will be reviewed for its technical content. The FON Project Committee may discuss the proposal with the applicant to better understand the intent of the proposal, or to make suggestions proposal to better meet FON purposes and standards. The applicant will have final approval of any suggested changes to the original proposal.

The final proposal will be reviewed by the Board of directors and the applicant will be notified of the decision. Successful applicants should not begin implementing any project activities until they receive official notification from FON and a final copy of the accepted proposal. FON will begin the process of transferring funding to the applicant only after the Board of Directors has approved the project and the final proposal has been distributed to the applicant.

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