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Fallen Peace Corps Volunteers Get Online Memorial

The Fallen Peace Corps Volunteers Memorial Project is a non-profit corporation created by the sister and mother of fallen Niger Peace Corps volunteer Jeremiah Mack to honor volunteers who died in service.

The site was created in 2004, and has grown to include fallen volunteers from many countries, including five PCV’s from Niger. In all, 271 volunteers have died while serving as volunteers.

In addition to the site, the organization seeks to create a permanent physical memorial honoring all fallen volunteers.

Full URL:

Peace Corps Week 2008

February 25 through March 3

Peace Corps Week is an opportunity for returned Volunteers and their extended Peace Corps family – staff, friends and family of Volunteers, as well as friends of the Peace Corps – to partake in promoting cross-cultural understanding, world peace, and friendship by shining a spotlight on the important work of our Volunteers around the world and the continuing service that returned Volunteers bring to communities in the United States.

Go to the official Peace Corps Week web site:

FON Petitions Congress to Save Surface Mail

In May of 2007 the USPS eliminated International Surface Mail which was used by many organizations and individuals to support important grass-roots humanitarian projects around the world.

Friends of Niger has joined the movement to petition the US Congress to reverse this change. Click here to see our open letter to the House Committee overseeing the Postal Service, pleading with them to reconsider this unfortunate change that will affect many small but important organizations.

Full URL:

EstroGenius Festival Presents Voices Of Africa

Partnership With Peace Corps Niger And Friends Of Niger Supports Young Girls Scholarship Program

On Friday, September 28th, and Saturday, September 29th, the EstroGenius Festival will present Voices Of Africa, a cross cultural collaboration with Peace Corps Niger, and Friends of Niger, to benefit the Young Girls Scholarship Program (YGSP). Voices of Africa features stories, poems, and songs written by Nigerien young women and performed by New York City teenagers at Manhattan Theatre Source.

The program was created by Ginger O’Neil, a former EstroGenius Festival volunteer currently serving a two year Peace Corps appointment in Niger, along with co-creators Michelle Stoner and Sheena Washington. Ginger teaches reading and writing along with music classes to young women in her village, Birni N’Gaoure, and throughout Niger. She has transcribed her students’ words, poems, and stories and sent them to New York City to be performed by teenage girls.

Voices of Africa performances will be held Friday, September 28 at 6:00 pm and Saturday, September 28 at 2:30 pm at Manhattan Theatre Source (177 MacDougal Street, between Waverly Pl. & W. 8th St; Subway: A/C/E or B/D/F/V to W 4th St.). Tickets are $15 at or (212) 260-4698.

All proceeds benefit the Young Girls Scholarship Program which provides academic scholarships to Nigerien girls.

RPCV Career Planning Conference Scheduled for September 4-7, 2007

Next week, Peace Corps’ Office of Domestic Programs, Returned Volunteer Services, will host an RPCV Career Planning Conference. The conference is a week-long series of free events focused on job searching and career resources for recently returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

The events will begin on Tuesday, Sept. 4 and will continue through Friday, Sept. 7. All sessions will be held in Washington, DC. Pre-registration is required for the sessions.

Click here for a flyer (PDF 502 KB) with more details about the event.

Please feel free to post the flyer and/or share copies of it with RPCVs in your network. More information on the RPCV Career Planning Conference can be found at

Peace Corps Wiki is Up and Running

The Peace Corps Wiki is a collaborative project whose goal is to create a free, interactive, and up-to-date source of information about serving as a volunteer with the U.S. Peace Corps. Anyone is welcome to edit, add, or change any entry, or start a new one. So far there are a total of 260 pages that have been written and edited by (R)PCVs and Friends of Peace Corps from around the world.

Note that the contents of the Peace Corps Wiki are generated by the public, and do not reflect any official position of the U. S. Government or the U. S. Peace Corps. Nevertheless, the wiki has the potential for becoming an invaluable source of information for anyone seeking knowledge about the Peace Corps and the countries of service.

Check out the new wiki here:

Celebrating 45 Years of Peace Corps in Niger!

The Peace Corps staff in Niger is preparing to celebrate the 45th year of Peace Corps in Niger, including a series of activities and events taking place in September.

Please visit our Peace Corps/Niger 45th Anniversary Celebrations page for more information about the celebrations, and how you can participate.

For questions or more information, please contact Christopher Burns in the Niger Peace Corps office at

NPR Explores Niger’s Climate and Culture

National Public Radio has produced a few short but informative videos on climate change, with one video featuring Niger, and focusing on a recent well-known story about how trees are finally returning to the desert:

Another feature on NPR‘s web site looks at the effect of climage change on Tuareg nomads in nearby Mali:

Mercy Corps focuses on Niger’s “Silent Disaster”

Mercy Corps is giving special attention to Niger’s ongoing cycle of hunger in their fundraising efforts, calling it one of the world’s “Silent Disasters”.

From their web site, :

Long months of hunger between meager harvests hold Niger’s families in a brutal grip. Mercy Corps is helping them break free.

Successive poor harvests put more than 3.5 million Nigeriens – about 20 percent of that country’s entire population – at risk for chronic malnutrition and other dire health problems. Children, already Niger’s most vulnerable population, have been most affected of all. Today, Mercy Corps is working to help determined Nigeriens build locally sustainable, resilient health and nutrition networks so that communities can cope with crisis – and mothers can provide a healthier future for their young children.

Please take some time to look at the work Mercy Corps is doing in Niger and around the world.

See Mercy Corps’ focus on Niger here: