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Photos taken by Kevin Hanlon, Jim Schneider, Amadou Kimba Siddo, and Andrew Younger during a trip to Niger in January 2002 for the filming of the video production A Brother from Niger. More information concerning the video can be found here.

Photos below include two on the left of FON President Jim Schneider meeting with members of the Aboukan Aboukan Niger women's microcredit organization in the village of Botsotsoua in the southern part of the arrondissement of Matamaye. Second from the right is Schneider engaged in an exchange with long-time friend Munzo the master drummaker in the village of Kantche. Schneider is accompanied by Amadou Kimba Siddo, member of the film crew, and Safiatou Maman, animatrice with CARE Niger. On the right is Sarkin Amadou Issaka, longtime chef de canton Kantche.
Photos below include three on the left depicting oxen and carts placed in the canton of Gazaoua with Oxcart Project women's microcredit groups supported by funding from Friends of Niger. The ox and cart of the far left is serving as an ambulance service; the cart seen second from the right carries a plaque which identifies it as a FON fincanced cart. The photo on the far right is of the late Sarkin Issaka, chef de canton Gazaoua.
Photos below include three which depict Schneider having exchanges with friends and acquaintances from his original time in Niger during the mid 1960's - on the left with Elhadji Ibrahim, in front of the cooperative store at Dan Barto that Schneider helped start; second from the left with Malam Issa Bourou (in the center) and Alkassoum Hassan (who was a pesky neighborhood child in the 60's); and,second from the right, paying a visit to the home of Hadiza Mamane who still lives in Matamaye in the compound next to that shared by Schneider and RPCV Brian Sarata from 1964-66. A close-up of the venerable Hadiza appears on the right.
Various photos below from across Niger, including, second from the right, impromptu family drum seesion at Munzo's compound in Kantche - located just north of Matamaye.
The photo seen second from the right below is of the entire crew for the video production, pictured in front of their vehicles after delivering a supply of children's chewable multivitamins to the SIM hospital at Galmi. Video producer Andrew Younger can be seen third from the left.
Head cameraman, Kevin Hanlon, can be seen below in the photo second from the right - on our first morning in Niamey as we wait outside the bank for producer Andrew Younger.