Remember Niger Coalition Strategic Plan

by Ann Sulkovsky

By coincidence, I just happened to meet a woman in DC who was working in Niger. She is founder and CEO of the Remember Niger Coalition (RNC), an organization that is working with host country nationals to set up a private school system in Niger. No, she had not been a Peace Corps volunteer. After graduating from Columbia’s master’s in international education program at the Teachers College, she set out for Niger.

When I learned she needed a strategic plan for the RNC, we spent several years developing her first plan that is linked here (both English and French versions). Even with the Peace Corps withdrawn from Niger, due to the extremist groups that surround the country, Kara VanderKamp continues to support the least educated country in the world. She also provides health, nutrition, hygiene support, and well digging for the communities where her students live.

To learn more, go to

Website of the Friends of Niger