RPCV Health Survey

Special notice for former Peace Corps volunteers.

The National Peace Corps Association is assisting the group Health Justice for Peace Corps Volunteers in circulating a survey which seeks to assess both the scope of debilitating injury or illness over the years, and the challenges Returned Peace Corps Volunteers have faced in receiving the care, attention, and support they need and deserve.

The group is interested in hearing from all RPCVs, including those who had no medical concerns during service. After you have taken the survey, please share it with 5 – 10 other fellow RPCVs and ask them to do the same.

Acting Peace Corps Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet is expressing her commitment to ensure that sick or injured RPCVs receive the help and support they deserve. Read her statement on the NPCA site.

Direct link to survey: http://www.healthjusticeforpeacecorpsvolunteers.org/survey/survey.html