Annual Report & request for donations

“Alheri gadon barci ne.”   Hausa proverb

A kindness is never wasted.

Dear Friends of Niger Members,

Isn’t it true that during your time in Niger you were the recipient of countless alheri? Certainly, we would stand up and attest that Nigeriens are some of the kindest people we have ever met!

You and I represent a tiny fraction of the population that knows anything at all about Niger. From having lived and worked there, we have a better understanding of what life is like in Niger and what the needs are. We care about the humanitarian toll that poverty takes on individuals, families, and communities – many of whom we know and consider dear friends.

Friends of Niger offers a way for you to continue to support effective life-changing development and humanitarian work even after your time there has ended. Your donations support vocational training for youth, solar electrification of health clinics, and biocontrol of millet-boring pests, to name a few.

The reports and pictures we receive from the Nigeriens who successfully implement these projects, and from the participants and recipients themselves, are a testament to the work that the Friends of Niger is doing to support Nigeriens and Niger.

Our mission is to promote and support sustainable development efforts in Niger, and our new FON Board of Directors is looking forward to continue fulfilling this mission in 2022! Many of our projects target women and children aiming to improve economic opportunities, nutrition, and health. Please take a few minutes to read the informative 2021 Grants Report and contact us if you would like to learn more or get more involved.

This year, one of our generous donors is planning to give $10,000 and challenges you to support this work by donating as much as is comfortable for you – no matter the amount. We are truly grateful for and count on your continuing support of Friends of Niger!

Your gift can help in so many ways.  Please write a check and mail it to PO Box 452, Haverford, PA 19041; or go to our website at and donate via PayPal by clicking on the “DONATE” button. Your gift to the Friends of Niger is tax-deductible and makes a real impact on families in the country we love.

Please do it today.  Please donate and touch someone in Niger. A kindness is never wasted.

Please see our 2021 Annual Grant Report HERE.

Thank you so much for your past and future support.


Amy Wilson, President         John Baird, Past President
Friends of Niger,