Breast Cancer Risk Study for Returned Peace Corps Volunteers

The National Peace Corps Association has partnered with researchers at Baylor College of Medicine to determine if there is a link between the risk of cancers, including breast cancer, and medications taken during Peace Corps service. The investigators have developed an online survey for RPCVs to measure health and health-affecting behaviors.

Consider contributing to this valuable research by following this link and completing the survey.

Female RPCVs who served between 1961 and 1990 represent an ideal group of people in whom to study this possible link, because about half of RPCVs took medication as part of their service and about half of them did not. Additionally, over 20 years has passed since their service and related medication use, so we can look at health changes over a long period of time.

No exhaustive list of RPCVs who served during that time is available, so the investigators are counting on your help!

The survey takes about 20 minutes and can be taken online or over the phone. Question topics include lifestyle risk factors for diseases and a brief medical history.