Worldview Magazine Call for Submissions

The Fall 2008 issue of WorldView Magazine will center on the theme “Peace Corps for the 21st Century”, and is looking for your submissions.

In three years, Peace Corps will celebrate its 50th anniversary. How has it fared in that time? What is its legacy-and its future? Can a bigger, better and bolder Peace Corps be part of an overall “smart power” effort to restore U.S. standing in the world to better help address pressing global problems?

Tentative topic areas include:

  • Goals and Models: If Peace Corps was invented now what would it look like, how would it be organized? How does Peace Corps stack up with its competition?
  • Partnership: How could Peace Corps be more open to and creative in working with other entities?
  • Technology: How is technology changing Peace Corps and what can Peace Corps do to make better use of technology?
  • Size and Scale: How could we scale Peace Corps and obtain the resources required to do that and still ensure quality?

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Note: Submission Deadline is July 14, 2008