Mark Wentling, Former PC Niger Staff, Working On New Book

Africa's EmbraceMark Wentling was a PC volunteer in Honduras and Togo in the 1960s, and later a part of the PC Niger staff. He’s written one book based on his life-long experiences, Africa’s Embrace.

Now he’s finished his second book, Africa’s Release, expected to be released this May, and he is currently working on a third for the end of the year.

Visit Mark’s Author Page on Amazon.

Read more about Mark here on Peace Corps Worldwide.

IFRC and Global Fund target for tuberculosis treatment for all in Niger

A new two-year Global Fund grant of 10 million euros will allow the population of Niger, estimated at around 17 million, to access quality TB diagnosis and treatment services. The grant will expand and enhance TB services for more than 26,000 people in 200 treatment centres by 2015, targeting vulnerable populations, including those in nomadic communities, migrant groups and prisons.