Board of Directors

Mary Abrams, Tucson AZ
Kelsey Andersen (Kasai) NY NY
John Baird, Decatur IL
Brandon Bragato, Silver Spring, MD
Paige Pihl Buckley, Manchester NH
Kimberly Dixon, NYC
Alix Barstow Fedoruk, Dummerston VT
Alhassan Ali Mamadou Souna, College Park MD
Douglas Steinberg, Hyattsville MD
Amy Wilson, Central Point, OR

The Board is composed of volunteers from our membership.  Committees are composed of board members, members of the Friends of Niger and others who support the mission and want to contribute.  Committees include: Projects, Finance, and Membership/Education/Advocacy.  Please contact the President if you want to learn more or are interested in participating on the board or on committees.

Important Volunteers, Contacts

Email webmasterSteve Bushell

Guiding principles

At a Board Retreat held in April 2019, the board adopted these guiding principles. These are the values that are important to us and guide the way we achieve our mission. We would like our activity to conform to these values as much as possible and we will use them as a reference point in future when making decisions.
• We will operate within our means; and strive for maintaining a low overhead.
• We will function with a high degree of integrity and practice good accounting and reporting.
• Our efforts will help Nigeriens.
• We will promote member engagement and leverage the assets of volunteers and optimize volunteerism to accomplish our mission.
• We will work together as a team.
• We will strengthen our own organization and those we work with by supporting and building connections and networking
• We will demonstrate respect for Board members, FON members and Nigeriens, and assume good motives
• We will be results oriented.
• We will be open-minded and idea-friendly.
• We will focus on projects and activities that add value and avoid duplication.
• We will have fun while achieving our mission.

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