Board of Directors

John Baird, Decatur IL
Alix Barstow Fedoruk, Dummerston VT
Christy Collins, Washington, DC
Phyllis Dichter Forbes, Randolph VT
Seybou Douma, Bronx, NY, CONUSA
Dale Downes – East Lansing, MI
Gary Geoghegan, Haverford PA
Myriam Kaplan-Pasternak DVM, Nicasio, CA
Michael Klinger, Acton, MA
Larry Koff, Jamaica Plain, MA,
Trish Meyer, Redmond, OR
Ismaghil Ag Moussa, North Las Vegas, NV
Amy Wilson, Central Point OR
Rabiou Yari, Cheverly, MD

Important Volunteers, Contacts

Email webmasterSteve Bushell

FON Board Meeting Minutes

Website of the Friends of Niger