Board of Directors

John Baird – President
Phyllis Dichter ForbesVice-President, Projects Committee Chair
Larry KoffTreasurer
Cheryl Turner – Secretary
Tom CorcoranMember-at-Large, Projects Committee
Seybou Douma – Member-at-Large, CONUSA Representative
Dale Downs – Member-at-Large, Facebook Administrator
John HutchisonMember-at-Large, Niger Relations-Liaison, Projects Committee
Meredith McGeheeMember-at-Large, Former President/Advisor- 
Amy Wilson – Member-at-Large, Membership/Bylaws
Penni St. Hilaire – Member-at-Large, Past Secretary/Advisor
Rabiou Yari – Member-at-Large, Liaison, Niger Diaspora

Non-Board Helpers

Tom Dechert – Projects Committee
Steve Bushell – Webmaster

FON Board Meeting Minutes

Website of the Friends of Niger