Boston University Niger Archives

Dear Members of the Friends of Niger/Alums of the Boston University Program in Niger,

In the December 2013 Camel Express on page 5 you may have read about the Archive of the Republic of Niger that the Boston University African Studies Library is preparing to establish to accommodate the needs of Nigeriens, Nigerienists, CONUSA, and all friends/Friends of Niger. I see this is a unique opportunity for all of us to establish a legacy that will enable us to share the amazing variety of the artifacts and documents that demonstrate the richness of our experiences in Niger and in the Sahel Region of Africa. If you read the article you will observe that Boston University has established a mechanism for announcing the items that we would like to contribute, and signing a form enabling Boston University to display them on the internet as part of the archive.

Here again is how to access the online submission form:

Click here for the BU Niger Collection Submission Form, or use the shortened URL:

BU’s Institutional Repository: OpenBU

I am pleased to note that a number of you have already submitted a form to the BU African Studies Library announcing your intention to contribute to the archive. In order for us to be able to secure and guarantee the longevity of this unique chance, it is important that more of us demonstrate this kind of interest by submitted the form and expressing our intention to make our heritage part of the Archive of the Republic of Niger.

When I went to a Chad reunion 2 years ago, one volunteer came with her collection of artifacts from Chad, wondering what to do with them since she knew that her children were not interested in them. Well we now have the opportunity to submit items like letters and photographs promptly and have them be part of the archive, and also documents and publications, and photographs of our artifacts in anticipation of a time when the physical objects might be brought together in some forum worthy of their importance.

I am writing to appeal to you to seize this opportunity and become an official contributor to the Archive of the Republic of Niger. This is important to all of us.

John P. Hutchison
FON Board Member

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