Grants Awarded by Friends of Niger November 2023

School Benches Tessaoua / CDGES Tessaoua. $2,869

            The local School Management Committee will coordinate the fabrication and installation of school table/benches to serve 160 students.

Sabon Gida School Construction / Tagaz Espoir. $5,000

            Two volunteers who served in Sabon Guida at different times have joined forces to make this project happen. Kristen Patterson (96-98) and Amy Tekié (01-03) are raising additional funds to complement FON funds and working with a non-profit in Niger to build a ‘semi-dur’ classroom. The community is unusual in that it is both Hausa and Fulani.

Support of Girl Guides for blind and disabled / MICA Women’s Center of Maradi.  $4,486           

            Young girls who are the guides for blind or disabled people who beg for a living do not have the opportunity to go to school and their options are limited. In Maradi, these girls have reached out to MICA expressing their desire for training in income generating activities. This project will provide training to 25 girls and provide career advice to promote financial autonomy geared to improve living conditions for the whole family.

Two School Gardens Agadez / Les Puits du Désert et TIDENE. $5,054         

            Following on the heels of a similar successful project last year, this project will install solar pumps and ‘California*” irrigation in two school gardens.  Training in market gardening is also provided for teachers and community members.

Latrines for Lycée Tchadoua / MICA. $4,494              

            Latrines and hand washing stations will be set up for students. Training and education about the importance of hygiene and sanitation will be provided. In addition to improving health, providing better sanitation facilities also helps keep girls in school.

Well Rehabilitation Tabelot / AFAA. $4,457               

            This project will restore a well in a remote area outside Agadez serving at least 100 families. The work will consist of sealing cracks, installing a well cover and providing a solar pump system.

Empowering Women thru Clean Water / ONG Récupération des Mendiants (RECUP). $4,615

A water tower will be constructed and configured with solar-power to serve five neighbor villages. One hundred women will be trained in water resource management, hygiene, sustainable water practices in the Maradi Region, Tibiri Commune.

Adding Value to Ag Products Agadez / Tamakrast.  $4,646  

           This project will provide training to women’s cooperative members in financial management as well as processing and conservation techniques. Purchases will include a processing and conservation unit, a solar dryer, a freezer, a mill (flour) and necessary other equipment. Processing agricultural products when they are plentiful creates new markets, extends the season for sale and consumption, and it increases profits.

Tailor and Leatherwork Training / DIMA. $5,000

           This grant will provide the final nine months of training in a 27 month-long program for 60 students in tailoring and leatherworking to include instruction, equipment, supplies, and transportation. These students recruited from the city of Niamey, were largely dropouts who had few prospects. This intensive program has made them eligible to join ateliers that produce crafts of export quality where they will earn a living wage.